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Remote monitor and control for your farm essential assets: water, irrigation, fences, livestock, power and equipment. We provide out of the box self install solutions. Keep an eye on your farm from anywhere at anytime.

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Time Poor?

There’s more important things to be doing than driving around checking livestock, stock water and electric fencing


Keep the ute in the shed- remove significant costs associated with checking farm infrastructure

Green Up

Help the planet! Use less resources such as water and fuel when managing your farm

Information Hungry

Optimise your farm management decision-making using information such as weather, soil moisture, and livestock data

Monitored Hrs
Point Farm Check
Custom Solutions

About Us

Farm Monitoring Solutions (FMS) supplies products and applications to remotely monitor water, power, stock and equipment. We delivering a range of remote monitoring solutions which are compatible with a wide range of commercially available products.

Our solutions are primarily self installation and we can supply both domestic and international markets.

Farm Monitoring Solutions is a registered reseller of Observant products and remote monitoring solutions. Observant is an Australian—owned company that designs, manufactures and distributes products and services for agricultural, urban and environmental water monitoring and management applications.

Custom Solutions80%
Local Knowledge95%
Productivity Improvements70%
Customer Satisfaction100%

Meat and Livestock Australia Case Study

This PDS project showed that telemetry is a viable cost saving technology, from both a practical “does it work” perspective, as well as having a short payback period.


Water Monitoring Made Easy

Charlie and Marie Crocker installed a solar-powered remote water sensor to better manage water tank levels — and have never looked back.
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